Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Wedding Post

I've been absent from the bloggy world for far too long!  

This past weekend I went home for Hannah's wedding!  Thursday morning I drove home with Kelly (my sister) - she was down here for Uplift.  It was funny on the way back we were driving down the interstate and there was a big pack of motorcycles in the lane in front of us.  All of a sudden they all switched lanes together, and they lifted their left arms (you know to signal a right blinker) and Gill and I laughed that it looked like they were all flipping us off in unison. I'm so glad to have her with her same sense of humor!  We had lunch with the bride when we got into town, then I went and got a pedicure with my fav nail guy... Lock!  I think his real name is Brian? He's hilar.  I got O.P.I.'s Elephantastic Pink on my toes... it's adorable, I need to add it to my collecsh.  After that I went to Hannah's apartment with my dear old friend Whitney K and we decorated for the Bach Party!  Whitney N. came over after she got off work, dropped off the penis cake, and we rushed to Shogun for the bachelorette din din.  It was super yummy!  Toward the end of the dinner they had Hannah stand on a chair while they played some bumpin' music and she was a tad bit mortified.  Then we headed back to her apt. for cake games and fun!  What happened will not be discussed in detail! ;)  

Friday at 11am we had a gorgeous and delish bridal luncheon thrown by Hannah's mom!  It was so wonderful.  Her mom also gave us these beautiful bracelets to wear in the wedding (pearls and pretty diamondy balls).  Hannah gave us giftcards to go shopping!  I can not think of a more perf gift.  I used mine to buy some eye cream and lip conditioner at MAC.  Friday night was the rehearsal dinner.  We went out to the chapel and ran through the ceremony, then headed to the country club for dinner and a slideshow.  The dinner was so yummy, and the dessert was some pretty fab cheesecake.  (If you couldn't tell, I lived this weekend like I didn't know the words "healthy" or diet").  The slideshow included pics of Hannah and Tyler when they were little, growing up (featuring some fugly photos of yours truly) and then them as a couple.

Saturday was wedding day!  We got up bright and early to leave the hotel by 7:15 and head to the chapel.  We took most of the pics before the wedding.  Lava Girl made an appearance!  Then it was finally time!  My favorite part of the wedding was when they opened the chapel doors for Hannah to walk in.  The sun was shining in behind her and one of my fav songs "So Are You To Me" was playing.  She looked like an angel... and this is where my inevitable tears came.  After the wedding came the reception, brunch and cake were served.  It was mother effin hot outside and I looked like a sweaty whore but Hannah remained looking gorg. and it was really a beautiful reception.  We decorated the getaway car with a cute sign and of course Dr. Pepper cans and they were off to enjoy their new life as a married couple!

WHEW.  That was a loonnnng recap!  Here are some pics.  I stole them from other people because I didn't pull my camera out once this weekend.

The pic above is right after I asked Hannah if she needed to fart.  Yeah, I misunderstood what she said - hilar.

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