Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Power of ONE little HAIR

I've had some realizations over the past few days.  Let me just say I strongly believe I'm having a quarter-life crisis.  You may wonder... why, Jen?

Well kids, I found a grey hair on my head two nights ago.  It was just one tiny hair.  But it started a landslide.  I stood in front of the mirror for an unmentionable amount of time searching for more.  Wanna know something?  I found two more!  WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME!?

Another realization: I can never own a little (as in low to the ground) car.  This week, I have the *ahem* privilege of trading cars with Katie because they needed my beloved Blue Betty SUV for the Florida trip I didn't get to go on.  Anyway!  I've realized that I can't stand getting in and out of a little car.  Add in the fact that I wear dresses every day and flash innocent bystanders anytime I enter or exit the car, and you have a recipe for some serious humiliation.

ANOTHER realization: My job is a little frustrating right now.  Today, I walked into the office I've been sharing with one of the girls for the past 13 days (I counted) and somebody took over my unofficial desk.  How am I supposed to check my blog reader and email important people (aka Whitney, Hannah and Adam) without a computer?!  Our office has a serious shortage of space so I'm going to be floating around a lot which is basically the most annoying thing, oh... ever!

"Is there any way I could call you 'Porkchop' and we could still get along?"

My boyfriend literally just said this to me out of nowhere.  My life with him is so random and hilarious.  He must've intrinsically known that I needed to laugh! :)

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