Tuesday, November 25, 2008


can I just take this moment to say that SCHOOL IS MISERABLE!

I totally brought this on myself.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

aye aye aye

This week has been out of control. Once again, I've procrastinated to the point where I can't even function. I have several different little (and big) things to get done by Tuesday. I always get it done, I just hate feeling so rushed. Which is why one of my goals for next semester is to stay on top of things!

But, once I get this all finished... I get to go HOME! I'm so excited for my 5-day Thanksgiving break. I get to see Miller and my family and I get to go shopping and see all my friends. Plus, I get to go 5 days without worrying (too much) about school. Really, once I make it through Tuesday, I'm finished with this semester. That feels so good just to think about.

Other than school... my life is really good right now. REALLY good.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


By the way, I ate at Macaroni Grill last night and I think it's my new favorite restaurant. Plus, it was cheap because I went with a Brinker employee who gets 50% off. Cha-ching!

I also went to Petsmart and almost bought Miller the cutest little Christmas outfit and these cute little Christmas-y toys.

Also, I really want another bubble-eyed goldfish. I had one freshman year. His name was Cheeks.

Oh. and I went to Barnes and Noble, and read part of Jenna Jameson's autobiography. It was surprisingly good and if it didn't cost 30 bucks I might have purchased it.

This morning, I took a ginseng pill, a one-a-day vitamin, a calcium pill, and 2 B-12 pills. I feel like wonder woman right about now. I'm about to go save the world, one process recording at a time.

Procrastinator's Anonymous

This weekend has not gone like I planned it to at all. I've gotten some work done on my process recordings but not nearly as much as I needed to. Luckily I don't have to work or go to school tomorrow so my weekend isn't over today. I've decided that next semester is going to be different. Here's a run-down of some goals I have for the new year and my last semester of grad school:

1. STAY on top of my process recordings. ATLEAST 2 a week... no exceptions. Turn them in to my instructor by the following Wednesday.

2. Work out 5 times a week. Yes, this is a huge increase from my big fat ZERO times a week over the past few months, but it's definitely possible. I mean, it's not like I won't have the time. I just need to get motivated.

3. Find a job. My dream job would be at Arkansas Children's. Really, any hospital would do.

4. I guess before I do #3 I need to decide where I'm going to go after I graduate in May. The two really depend on each other, because I have to have a job wherever I go.

5. Start studying for my licensing exam. This scares the pants off of me.

6. Be more dedicated to reading for my classes.

7. Be more responsible with my money.

8. Eat healthier. This could help with #7. and also #9 which is...

9. Lose 25 pounds. SERIOUSLY. Lose 25 pounds. I can do this.

10. Keep a cleaner house. This has been a problem this semester due to sheer laziness.

11. Last but not least, have FUN! I think I've mastered this one already. :) Probably the reason I've got so much to work on!

Friday, November 14, 2008

you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours

1. I love fall. the best sound is the sound of leaves falling and crunching under your feet. I wouldn't mind if it stayed this way all year, please don't get colder!

2. We have pink roses by our back porch. is it normal for roses to bloom in the fall? I don't care, they're pretty.

3. I have 10 process recordings to do this weekend. if you didn't know, they are only the most miserable and tedious things to do in the history of homework.

4. My favorite thing to do these days is put on my comfy pj's and lay in bed, snuggled up, watching tv... preferably Sex in the City, which I'm completely obsessed with. My mom is getting me the complete series for Christmas.

5. Today I went to the nursing home to visit a couple of hospice patients. while I was walking down the hall a random resident there stopped me and asked me to scratch his back with his wooden hand-shaped back-scratcher. I won't lie, I felt a little uncomfortable with this since I'm not even an employee there and didn't know this man at all. I ended up scratching his back for him for 10 minutes as he directed me with "up, down, yup that's the spot". I mean, c'mon, if 10 minutes of getting your back scratched makes a man's day, who am I to hold back?

6. I have a full laundry basket of dirty clothes and another huge pile in my bedroom floor. it's getting ridiculous really. why is it so hard to get motivated to clean sometimes?

7. Twilight the movie comes out next week. i think i'm going to the midnight showing with katie in little rock on thursday night. i hope the movie is atleast half as fantastic as the book!

8. my mom is fostering my cat until i move somewhere that i can have him again. hearing her stories of how he's been behaving lately, i've confirmed that he has ADHD. seriously... he's out of control. but i miss him. also, she has been feeding him too much and they've had to let his collar out twice. i specifically told her that i do not want a fat cat. i worked hard to keep him skinny when he lived with me! i kid.. not really. i hate fat cats.