Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miller's Return

For those of you who don't know, my cat, Miller, lived with my mom for a little over three months. My roommates last semester didn't want him around, he was a little crazy back then. He's grown up a little and I made the trip to Springdale last weekend to retrieve him! I was so excited to get him back. So here's a little update on him: The first day he was back here, he hid under my bed. I think he was a little overwhelmed. Now, it's like he never left. He is constantly playing with my roommate's dog, Dallas. This gets his energy out and he is ready to cuddle and sleep with me in my bed at night, which he never used to do! I love it.

Miller loves when I open the curtain for him and he can look outside. This entertains him for at least 30 minutes.

I watched as he tried to figure out how to get up here for about 10 minutes, finally he made it. Then, he didn't really know what to do. I took a picture then got him down so he didn't break a leg or something.

After he plays for a while, he is ready to curl up and take a nap!

And he's such a good cuddler...

Miller in his dinky stage.. so tiny!

Just a note: I'm not a crazy cat lady... I just wanted to update on Mills and let my mom and sister see some pictures of our crazy cat!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A release

In a cathartic effort, a list of things that bug me to no end:

1. I can't stand watching people attempt to do things on a computer when they have no idea what it is they're doing. For example, in class, watching my teacher try to enlarge the text in a document on the projection screen. I get so impatient inside watching people do things so slowly, I just want to do it for them!

2. I think it's wrong to judge someone based on assumptions, and decide you don't like them before you even know them. Do this, and lose my respect.

3. Why do people drive in the fast lane and refuse to move over when there is no one in the "slow" lane keeping them from doing so? Come on, I obviously want past you! Move it!

4. It makes me sad when friends talk behind friends' backs. I admit I've been guilty of this, but I usually make a point not to participate. The worst feeling is knowing that your friends are discussing you without just talking to you about something. I don't want to do that to someone I care about.

5. I hate it when people borrow something from you (DVDs, books) and you have to go out of your way to get it back after they've had it for months without returning it.

6. The following words straight up irk me: member, throb, c_nt. I cringe when I hear these words in any context.

7. I think it's pathetic when people make about 99% of their status updates about one person (a boyfriend or girlfriend). Get a life! Plus, nobody really cares about those statuses, except maybe the person they're about. Personally, if someone was that obsessed with me, I'd be a little turned off.

8. People who think it's okay to smoke around your babies: it's not.

9. Waiting in line for 3+ hours for a big movie opening or concert? Someone shows up 15 minutes before time and tries to skip the line? I don't THINK so! I'll go psycho on some ho's.

10. Don't leave trash in my car. Only I'm allowed to do that. :)

*sigh* That felt good.

Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Randoms

1. My cat has ADHD. Seriously, I diagnosed him. He bounces around like a little freak on acid and I love it. (he does have his loveable moments)

2. I have a Reality/Competition T.V. addiction, but only the good stuff. Like: The Bachelor, Extreme Home Makeover, America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance?, The Real World, Tool Academy, Rock of Love Bus, John and Kate Plus 8, America's Best Dance Crew, 17 Kids and Counting, The City. Do NOT judge, I'm not a loser. We have DVR and like to be lazy sometimes.

3. I'm allergic to Slimfast! Seriously, my throat closes up when I drink it.

4. I love to read. When I was in 1st grade, my teacher would have me read out loud to the class. I have a terrible tendency to pick up a book, start reading it, and I don't come up for air until I'm finished. This happened with the Twilight Series and any time a new Harry Potter book would come out. I mean it, I wouldn't even answer phone calls.

5. When I was little, my cousin/best friend (Katie Ruth Boger) would bite me and take my food. She started making me her b*tch at a very early age.

6. I believe in ghosts.

7. I refuse to walk barefoot around the house, even the house I live in now. I only walk barefoot if I'm at the pool, beach or at my Mom's house.

8. I had a pet duck named Kelpie my freshman year. Whitney K had a duck, too... Phoebe. We shared a bathroom and we would give them baths in the sink, dry their feathers with a hairdryer, cuddle up and sing 98 Degrees "You Are My Everything" until they fell asleep on us. We also played that song on repeat when we left the room because it kept them from chirping and getting us in trouble. We kept them in my dorm room... until I got caught. Then we set them free at a random lake.

9. I have 8 credit cards. I only really use 3. I don't even wanna know my Credit Score right now.

10. When I get sad, angry, stressed or bored: I shop.

11. I fall down. A LOT. Blockbuster, huge concrete hill, sidewalk in Mykonos, Wal-mart, my back porch, living rooms, sidewalks, school hallways, basically anywhere. Sometimes there are slippery surfaces involved, but usually I just trip over my own feet. I have (several) scars to prove it.

12. I eat ketchup in my macaroni.

13. Every single time I go to Wal-mart, I have to go by the $5 movie stand. I am obsessed with this to the point where I know which day they put out new movies (I'm not telling which day because I don't want any competition). I buy atleast one movie every time I go.

14. I'm in love with someone who loves me. Nothing beats that.

15. People call me Jeannie (Genie) all the time. Is it really that hard to read and pronounce correctly: Jennie. Jennie, people!

16. My true friends and my family call me Jen.

17. I've been in 7 wrecks (I may have lost count). They weren't all my fault though! And once (like 2 months ago) I backed into a telephone pole. No damage done.

18. For 3 years of my adolescence my bedroom walls were covered, floor to ceiling, with *NSYNC posters. I have a trunk full of *NSYNC memoribilia (sp?) I went to 4 concerts, won front row tickets to one (won a trivia contest), and got to go to a soundcheck at another concert. I also stuffed a ballot box at Rave (clothing store) to win a trip to NYC to see JC in concert and meet him before. He put his arm around me and called me "honey". It's no big deal.

19. I'm a slight hypochondriac. I've gone to the doctor more than once to have a suspicious bump checked. My friends make fun of me, but it's better safe than sorry.

20. I'm my weirdest around my two sisters. Honestly, I wouldn't wanna be my friend if I saw how I act with them. We laugh at really stupid stuff and act like idiots. There's no better feeling than being that comfortable with someone, though! I love it!

21. Katie and I spent a whole summer at my Mema's house playing Aladdin on playstation, listening to the same Backstreet Boys cd and watching the movie My Best Friend's Wedding (atleast twice a day).

22. I've ridden a camel. In Egypt. And I went inside one of the pyramids.

23. I get carsick. Bad.

24. I'm really dramatic.

25. My cousin Jayda, 3 years old, is quite possibly the best thing that's ever happened to me (and my family). I love her more than anything and I'm not ashamed to say I've spoiled her since the day she was born.