Tuesday, December 2, 2008

just when you think you've seen it all

so i'm sitting here waiting for my night class to start and one of the teachers walks into the lounge to buy some peanuts from the vending machine. they get stuck, he proceeds to literally ATTACK the vending machine, punching it, shaking it, tipping it, kicking it... imagine how hard it was for me not to laugh at his bald-headed squatty figure going chuck norris over some peanuts.

kinda made my night.

Monday, December 1, 2008

it's beginning...

Finally, December is here! last night the girls and I put up our Christmas tree after I went to walmart and bought new ornaments. I went home for thanksgiving and forgot to grab our box of ornaments from last year, so I took it upon myself to buy the new ones. ashley had the idea to do gold and silver this year, and it looks really pretty! we've had our tv on the 'holidays and happenings' christmas music channel ever since we got home... i love it. it's starting to get colder outside. i'm not a huge fan of cold weather but at the same time i like it. i love wearing comfy warm clothes and snuggling up inside and i love wearing cute winter clothes to go out. it's not so bad i guess. it even snowed a little bit yesterday morning before i left springdale.

i had a really good time at home this past week. the only sad part was i didn't get a chance to see my friends. i got in too late on wednesday (thanks to my dreadful paper) and didn't get to go eat with everyone like i'd planned. i did get a lot of QT with my mom and sisters, though. so fun!

now it's back to school for two more weeks. i have 2 finals, a small paper and a few process recordings left and then it's freedom for a whole month! i don't think i'll even know what to do with myself!