Sunday, November 16, 2008

Procrastinator's Anonymous

This weekend has not gone like I planned it to at all. I've gotten some work done on my process recordings but not nearly as much as I needed to. Luckily I don't have to work or go to school tomorrow so my weekend isn't over today. I've decided that next semester is going to be different. Here's a run-down of some goals I have for the new year and my last semester of grad school:

1. STAY on top of my process recordings. ATLEAST 2 a week... no exceptions. Turn them in to my instructor by the following Wednesday.

2. Work out 5 times a week. Yes, this is a huge increase from my big fat ZERO times a week over the past few months, but it's definitely possible. I mean, it's not like I won't have the time. I just need to get motivated.

3. Find a job. My dream job would be at Arkansas Children's. Really, any hospital would do.

4. I guess before I do #3 I need to decide where I'm going to go after I graduate in May. The two really depend on each other, because I have to have a job wherever I go.

5. Start studying for my licensing exam. This scares the pants off of me.

6. Be more dedicated to reading for my classes.

7. Be more responsible with my money.

8. Eat healthier. This could help with #7. and also #9 which is...

9. Lose 25 pounds. SERIOUSLY. Lose 25 pounds. I can do this.

10. Keep a cleaner house. This has been a problem this semester due to sheer laziness.

11. Last but not least, have FUN! I think I've mastered this one already. :) Probably the reason I've got so much to work on!

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