Tuesday, June 16, 2009

50th post!!!

My name is Jennie, and I'm a shopaholic.  Confession: I've been doing some online window shopping.  I follow a lot of different blogs and they've given me even more to look at, posting about fabulous items and even better websites to make my mouth water... here are some of my favorite finds that I've drooled over but have managed not to splurge on... yet!

All of these dresses are from lulus.com
Thanks to one of my fav new blogs Quite Contrary for introducing me to this awesome little online store!

do NOT spend money you don't have, Jen


ModernMom said...

Hi. Found you through Krizzy Designs. She did mine too! Love your blog and your shopoholic tendancies. We have the same problem:)


Whitney Killebrew said...

OM gosh those are sooo cute. U are a bad influence Jennie!!