Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot Diggity Dog

I'll post later this evening about my first day of work.  I just wanted to jot down my predictions for The Bachelorette.  This season with Jill has been weird for me.  She makes some picks that totally blow my mind.  I'm normally pretty good at reading who will make it to the end, but her taste in men so far has thrown me for a loop.  Taking into consideration the way she seems to be picking and what I think is going to happen with some of the more popular guys ... here is my prediction for the top 4:

Robby:  I think Robby is a slow starter but will last until the final 4.

Kiptyn:  I picked Kiptyn when I went online and looked at the pictures before the show even started.

Jake:  Jake is super corny, but I think he's genuine and I think Jill likes him.

Ed: I just have a hunch about this guy, he seems nice and I don't think they've shown him much at all (for a reason).  I think he'll make it pretty far.  (ps - doesn't he kinda look like Denny from Grey's?)

My prediction is either Ed or Kiptyn will be the final winner.  My thoughts on Wes?  He's the one who is there for ulterior motives.  Juan?  He's fake as can be and possibly is the one who has a girlfriend.  Dave? Serious temper problems!  She seems to be keeping a lot of guys who have a bad temper.  

We'll see what happens tonight!  I hope Ed gets a one on one!

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