Friday, June 5, 2009

Impulsive much?

So.  Yeah.  Today I started the Master Cleanse.

It lasted about... ohhh 6 hours.

Then I got a headache, dizzy, nauseous and just a little bit hungry.

So I got a taco.  One Taco.  At Taco Bell.  

What a waste!  I spent money (not a ton, but still) on lemons, water bottles, organic maple syrup, a juicer... ugh!  That is so me and so impulsive.  I couldn't follow through with it though.

I decided it's ridiculous to make yourself miserable like that.  Deep down the only real reason I was doing it was to lose a few pounds.  If I had a little bit more self control and just ate better and exercised I could do that in a much more healthy way.  Monday, I'm going back to Weight Watchers, because it worked and I wasn't starving myself.  Makes sense right?

Other things I did today:
- learned to tie a tie (I felt so accomplished!)
- had a massive headache and watched two movies to try to relax
- ate at Mi Ranch!  I split something with Adam as an effort in portion control
- went with Adam to buy fancy clothes for his new job

I'm so glad my friends Hannah and Whitney now have blogs!

1 comment:

Whitney Killebrew said...

HAHAHAHA oh Jen Jen I bet myself 5 bucks it wouldn't last. Thank goodness I think that's gross. I love u the way u are!!