Sunday, June 14, 2009

Adam x 2

Last night Adam and I went on a date.  We desperately needed to escape Searcy.  I had the brilliant idea to see who was going to be at the Loony Bin (comedy club in Little Rock).  Adam Hunter was performing, I heard about him on the radio.  He was actually on my favorite morning show Friday morning and made me laugh so hard I missed my exit.  So last night we had dinner at Hooters (I know, I know) and went to the comedy show.  Basically a perfect date.  This new Adam was funny.  It was a good night to get away and enjoy some good laughs together. 

Plus, he was pretty attractive and made me laugh.  2 points!

Why does the weekend go by sooo fast?  And the weeks so ridiculously slow?  

OH but the weekend isn't over yet!  Guess what tonight is?  

I just recently started watching this show once I got HBO at my new apartment.  I've been watching 1st season reruns and let me tell you I'm excited for the 2nd season premiere tonight!!!  It's like Twilight, but a little more adult.  Fantastic!

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