Monday, June 8, 2009

F My Life

Have y'all seen the websites fmylife and texts from last night?  Texts from last night is hilarious, I can read it forever and laugh hysterically the whole time.  Adam makes fun of me for it, but it's pretty rich.  F My Life is decently funny, but not as good as the text one!

I'm basically posting this random crap because my life is ridic right now and I'm tired and stressed.  I promise I'll post more often when my classes are finished in 3 weeks!

I'll have a new (fantastic) blog design within the next couple of days!  I can't wait to reveal it!

Hope you all had a fabulous Monday!


Whitney Killebrew said...

HAHAHAHA I am crying at my desk and everyone is looking at me that Fmylife is hilarious!!

Tara Gibson said...

hey girl! your blog is too cute! I cant wait to see the new blog design.

I am pretty much over this season of the bachelorette. I think she would do a better job picking out her final one in the dark! haha. At least its entertainment : )