Friday, July 24, 2009

Jayda, here I come!

So I did a kinda crappy job of blogging this week!  I won't be able to blog over the weekend either because Adam and I are going to the NWA!!!  Woot woot!  I am so excited to get to go home for a weekend with no big events (graduations or weddings) planned!
I'm so excited that I am sitting here counting the minutes until noon, because I get off early today!  I might skip out like 15 min. even earlier.  If you don't tell, I won't tell!
We are taking Miller with us, b/c Adam is my usual cat-sitter and well, he's coming along with me!  Miller does fantastic on car trips, but hates when we arrive at a new place.  He usually will refuse to come out of his carrier.  His least favorite thing in the world is to go to my Granny's house and see Jayda.  She is a typical toddler and bugs the crap out of poor Mills.
There WILL be an update either Sunday night or Monday about the weekend!  I plan on showing Adam around, seeing grandparents, bff's and of course love of my life, Jayda!!!  I haven't seen her in about two months which is just ridiculous.  I'm sure there will be some cute pics of her to grace you all with!

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Whitney Killebrew said...

YAY!!! Your coming home to see me!!! Tell Adam he needs to be impressive to get my approval! :)