Thursday, July 30, 2009

Longest Week Ever!

Is it just me, or does the week before pay day go by especially sloooow?  
I only get paid once a month so that really makes it worse because by this time of the month I am down to pennies and relying on my low stash of groceries to get me by.  (I hope my mom doesn't read this.  She'd be mad that I didn't tell her I needed money.) 
If you are reading this, mom, I'm fine... I just want to be a grown up and if I really really needed help, I'd tell you!  :) 
I know I promised an update from our trip to Springdale but I've been so out of it.  I'm too lazy to upload pictures and I'm too OCD to do the post without the pictures!  There are some cute ones... they can't be neglected. 
Right now I'm sittin' here at work sippin' my morning coffee, eating a Nutrigrain bar and listening to the rain! 
Can I go back to bed now, please?

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