Thursday, July 16, 2009

The BIG Goal

Ever heard of the phrase, "She's let herself go?"
Well, I have.  Let myself go I mean.  Physically and Financially.
So in order to inspire me to lose the lbs I've so hastily put on, I have a little reward system developed for myself.
As you see from my last post, money is tight.  But, I love to shop.  And need to lose weight.
So!  Each month, starting today, I will give myself $5.00 for each pound lost.  The total sum of money, I get to spend on whatever I want.  My limit will be $50 (although I can't see myself losing more than 10 lbs in a month... hmm maybe?).
So for example, say I lose 5 lbs between now and when I get my paycheck the 31st.  Then I get to spend $25 out of my paycheck, any time during August, on whatever I want.  OR I can save it and add it on to the next month and maybe get something bigger.
This little plan will help me two-fold.  First, it will inspire me to lose weight.  Second, it will limit what I spend on things I don't need.  Maximum of $50, so I don't splurge... and if I don't lose, I don't spend. 
Brilliance I say!  Feel free to join in with your own little reward system!  Let me know if you wanna try it with me, so we can spur each other along!

PS - My weight loss goal is 60 pounds.  I'm giving myself a year and a half to two years, trying to be realistic.  I've also decided to document my struggles and triumphs on my blog in an attempt to keep myself accountable to my big goal!


Whitney Killebrew said...

Wow that is a really good plan!! I like it a lot.

Whitney said...

Great idea Jen! You always come up with great ideas. You can do anything you put your mind to.
Love you friend.