Saturday, May 30, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear NY & Co.,

I know I've owed some money on my store card for quite some time.  Your daily phone calls from 303 and 614 numbers have become normal to me, causing a knee-jerk reaction of pressing the shady button and pretending like you never called.

Well, old friend, I paid you two days ago.  I paid all but $40 dollars of what I owe you.  I paid 60 bucks more than what you were asking me to pay.  So here's the big question:  Why the flip are you still calling me at all hours of the day (and night)?!

Your calls stir up a guilty, shopaholic remorse deep in my soul.  Even now, when I am caught up on payments.  So stop calling me.  Atleast until next month when I'm late again.

Your fav cardholder,

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