Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not the Warmest...

The reception was tonight.  It was about an hour away.  It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great.  The best part (for me) was getting to wear my new dress.  Not really, it wasn't that bad.  It was a beautiful reception with great food.  They had a buffet set up.  Great food.  I always feel like I can't eat though, really, because you don't want to be the heifer that eats a full meal off the fancy buffet.  Back to the point.  It's always awkward when you don't know anyone.  I only knew Adam and his best friend (the groom) so I was pretty quiet most of the evening.  We only stayed about an hour and a half.  

Can I just rant for a minute?  There was this girl there.  I'll try to be discrete.  She seemed to think it was cute to cut people down and just tear into them for no good reason.  She is a self-proclaimed bully who likes to give her husband's friends a hard time.  She said, "I'm blunt, I'm a bully, that's just me."  She was ridiculously rude, to the point where I felt awkward.  Does she think it's cute or funny to cut down her man's friends?  It's nothing but obnoxious and unattractive!  Gah!

Anyway.... it was worth the drive for Adam to see his best friend.  We got Arby's on the way home and now we're relaxing watching a movie.  It was nice to get out of the house but it's nice to be home.

I start my job Monday!  Eeeee!

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