Friday, August 14, 2009

Can you feel my excitement?

Tomorrow I go to Branson.
For my Mema's birthday celebration,
which she planned herself.
But not in the arrogant way. 
In the - I want to see my family and I'm a cutie - way.

The drive will be long.
I have to get up at 6:30 in the mornin' 
on a Saturday.
Know this about me...
I hate waking up early.

My Mema's excited though
and you can't let down Mema!

So I'll be armed with:
my iPod
my sunnies
my b-berry mapping system
lots of caffeine in the form of diet dp/coffee/red bull
and possibly a b-fast bagel from
good ol' mcdondons.


and by tmrw night I'll be home
and Adam will most likely deal with
tired, grouchy, on edge
but - maybe i'll keep it positive allllll day long
we'll see!

bye lovelies!

1 comment:

Whitney Killebrew said...

Hope you had fun!! I will talk to you tomorrow.