Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'll ask 55 questions...

A month from yesterday, I graduate!  I have a TON to do between now and then, so naturally, I'm going to fill out a random survey and post it on my blog instead.  :)

1. What time did you get up this morning? 
7:00 (7:10)... I snoozed, like usual, and was fifteen minutes late to work :/ whoops

2. Diamonds or pearls? 
I go through phases where I'll wear one or the other

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? 
Knowing, starring Nicholas Cage.  It was disturbing and scary, but good!

4. What is your favorite TV show?
That's a loaded question, let's just say I procrastinate a lot and my favorite thing to do while procrastinating is watch Reality TV.  My favorite show though is Grey's Anatomy.  My all time favorite is Friends, and I love my season set of Sex and the City.

5. What do you usually have for breakfast? 
Either Special K or fruit and  yogurt, and a glass of milk.  Gotta start the day out right!

6. What is your middle name? 
Linn, after my Grandad's (dad's dad) middle name (Lynn) and my Granny's (mom's mom) maiden name (Linn).  If I was a boy it would have been spelled Lynn.

7. What food do you dislike? 
Cantaloupe, raw onions (they're tolerable cooked), cottage cheese, lamb

8. What is your favorite CD at this moment? 
I don't listen to a lot of
CDs... but I like every song I've heard off of Beyonce's latest album, and I love the CD Adam made me a few months ago

9. What kind of car do you drive? 
Hyundai Santa Fe - "Blue Betty" the butch mobile (Nashville trip)

10. Favorite sandwich? 
Anything with tomatoes and avocado :)

11. What characteristics do you despise?
Judgemental, lying, cheating, disrespectful, selfish, self-absorbed

(I'm not saying I'm never show any of these characteristics, but they are ones I really hate)

12. Favorite item of clothing?
My big comfy t-shirt that I sleep in... it is way too big, that's what makes it great

13. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you
Back to Europe - Greek Islands especially!

14. Favorite brand of clothing? 
Gap, of course

15. Where would you retire to? 
Anywhere away from city life, on a lot of land with lots of animals to take care of!  ...and a garden!

16. What was your most recent memorable birthday?
I really don't know... I just had a birthday last Friday.  Kelly came in to town, with some of her friends, we went out to eat and my mom sent a cake.  It was fun!  Freshman year my new friends gave me a surprise party.  Surprise parties make me feel awkward so that was memorable I guess.  

17. Favorite sport to watch?
Baseball, or anything "important"

18. When is your birthday? 
April 10

19. Are you a morning person or a night person? 
I stay up late because I love being up at night, and I HATE waking up in the mornings before 10.

20. What is your shoe size?
9 or 10, depends

21. Pets? 
Miller, my precious cat.  I love him too much. 
Mine and Laura's beta fish - Martin Eldurson
Riley, childhood pet, Border Collie.  He just turned 11, wow!

22. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us? 
I think I got the apartment I really want and I have an interview at the job I really want. Best of all, I graduate in May!

Random cool news - I taught Miller how to sit.  That's impressive for a cat!

23. What did you want to be when you were little? 
A photographer was my main dream job, and I wanted to own a hotel with Kristen in California.  Haha!

24. How are you today?
Good because: I found out I'm probably getting the apartment I want, I've started Weight Watchers and it's working so I feel good physically!

Stressed because: I have a lot of work to do before graduation (which I should be doing), and money problems... blah.

25. What is your favorite candy? 
Hot Tamales

26. What is your favorite flower?
Daffodils, not your typical answer but they make me so happy.  Especially when I drive around and see them blooming randomly... they brighten my day!

27. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? 
August 1, 2010 

28. What is your full name? 
Jennie Linn Wilkinson

29. What are you listening to right now? 
Miller snoring!  Slumdog Millionaire, I'm watching it while I do my homework.  Not a productive atmosphere.
By the way, if you haven't seen this movie, watch it!

30. What was the last thing you ate? 
A chicken wrap

31. Do you believe in heaven? 
I do, because I can't imagine how it would feel not to.

32. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? 
Purple!  It is joyful and classic, but not too bold or flashy.

33. How is the weather right now?
A little bit chilly, I think it's going to rain tomorrow. :(  Stop being a tease, sunshine!

34. Favorite soft drink? 
Diet Sunkist.  Dr. Pepper is my ex.  It's no good for me though.

35. Favorite restaurant? 

36. What was your favorite toy as a child? 
My sisters..

Um, seriously - Polly Pockets, playing with Lion King animals with my sisters, the dining room table with a sheet over it for a tent

37. Summer or winter? 

38. Hugs or kisses? 
Kisses :)

39. Chocolate or Vanilla? 
chocolate I suppose

40. Coffee or tea? 
Sweet tea

41. When was the last time you cried? 
Tonight... I really cry a lot, for no good reason usually.  Ask Adam.  It's worse when I'm stressed.  The other day I bawled because Miller bit me in the face.  It didn't even hurt.  I'm a dork.

42. What is under your bed? 
Boxes of boots, I'm sure a few of Miller's toys are under there too.  Hopefully no spiders!!!

43. What did you do last night? 
I went over to Amy's to proofread her paper and hang out, then I watched RR/
RW Duel.  I told you about this reality TV problem!  Oh, I also did some laundry.

44. What are you afraid of? 
Spiders and being on my own... I think that's just a fear of the unknown.. I'll be okay!  I know I always have my family to help if things get rough.

45. Salty or sweet? 
Salty.  I get picked on for how much salt I like on just about anything.

46. How many keys on your key ring? 
2 keys... LOTS of key chains.  So unnecessary.

47. How many years at your current job? 
No paying job at the moment, but my internship (24 hrs a week)... I've been there a total of 12 months (been there twice)

48. Favorite day of the week? 
Saturday, because you still have one day left of freedom!  It's the best feeling!

49. How many towns have you lived in? 
Springdale, AR *HOME* (14 years off and on); Sedalia, MO (1.5 years); Tenaha, TX (2 years), Searcy, AR (4.5 years) - 4 towns!

50. Do you make friends easily?
Ya know, I'd like to say yes, but I think sometimes it's hard for me because it takes me a while to be my self around new people.  I am very friendly to everyone I meet.

51. What are you doing tomorrow?
Paying my cable bill.  I have to be in Conway at 10 for a meeting with my supervisor.  Then I have to come back and see three patients, do paperwork, do homework.  I might take a break and see Adam.  I also might go to the spaghetti dinner my work is having to raise money for Relay for Life.  It will be a long day.  I wish I was tired so I could go to sleep.

52.  Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?

53.  Who is the last person you texted?
My mom, saying goodnight, just like every night!  I feel incomplete if I don't tell my Mama goodnight.

54. What was the last thing you said out loud?
"Miller, get out from behind there."

55.  Last time you laughed?
I laughed at Miller, because he was staring me down like a creeper.

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