Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring = Strawberry Pie

Spring break is over.  Why do vacation weeks go by sooo fast?  It was a good week, though.

Last weekend I got to go home.  Friday night when I got in, Miller and I went to my Granny's house and saw Granny, Papa and Jayda.  Jayda and Miller's relationship is definitely love-hate.  She loves him, he hates her.  So to get her to stop picking him up, I suggested she act like a cat.  The next two hours consisted of Jayda crawling behind Miller, everywhere he went, meowing and knocking things over.  My mom came over, we left Miller at Granny's, and went to eat at Fusion 5 - aka the old Shogun.  Linsey, her boyfriend, and her friend Hayley ate with us.  

Saturday I got to meet Hannah and Whitney at the mall, we had lunch and shopped, trying to find a good present for little Eden's first birthday.  We finally found a cute ride-along car (pink!!) at Toys'R'Us.  That afternoon we went to Eden's party up at the church.  It was so good to see everyone!  Eden was so cute!  That night my family and I went to Catfish Hole to eat for my dad's birthday.  Then we had strawberry pie at my Mema's house.  My mom makes the BEST strawberry pie.  The only sad part about the weekend was Kelly was already gone for her spring break trip to DISNEY WORLD - jealous much?  

This is a picture I sent Kelly, of Miller at home, to make HER jealous...

Monday and Tuesday I had to work, and the rest of the week was spent relaxing, wasting too much time, and doing some much needed homework!  Oh, and Sunday night I bought Twilight and watched it with Amy!  That was fun!  Now it's back to school and my internship for about 5 more weeks, then I'm done!!!  It's gonna be a long 5 weeks...

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