Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Love my Seesters!

In less than a week my life has changed twice. My sister, Kelly, came last Thursday to move into the dorm and start her freshman year. She's pretty fab if I do say so myself. Both my lil sisters are. They're the cheese to my macaroni. They make me laugh like NO other, and I'm my very craziest around them, in the best way possible.

Kelly (aka "Gill") had a hard time choosing what to do after HS graduation. Everyone struggles with the choices that come with this time in life, at least a little. Once Kelly got here, she realized that all that change all at once was not her cup of tea. Each individual person can experience the same experience differently. For her, starting college classes, moving away from our childhood home, and taking on a whole new batch (hehe) of responsibilities at once was too much. After a lot of thinking, crying, worrying, and changing her mind, she decided to go back home for her first year out of HS.

I don't blame her. I can't say the thought wasn't tempting to me when I was a wee freshman 5 years ago. Seriously?!! It's been 5 years. But there were different things about my experience and I stuck it out and got some really good friends out of the deal! I also never would have met Adam if I hadn't stayed. I fully believe that Kelly has made the right choice for her, and that her choice will bring her just as many blessings as mine did!

Yesterday I helped Gill pack up and move out everything we had unpacked and moved in 5 days before. I walked around with her to all the different offices on campus and jumped with her through all the hoops it took to get her un-enrolled.

I'm sad she's gone. I'll miss her all over again. We had fun times when she was here and she said if that was all there was she would stay here, but school and dorm life made her decide to go home.

So, dearest Gill, here's to laying out, watching movies, playing Life and having a buh-last with you while you were here! Good luck with your new classes and your new start on life!

The beauty of sisters is you never have to worry about losing those fun times. They're pretty much guaranteed for the rest of your life.

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Whitney Killebrew said...

Aww Jen Jen that was super sweet. I am always jealous that you got all the sisters and I got stuck with a stinky brother. :)

Here's to Gill may the U of A last longer than Harding did!